Community Disaster Preparedness Index

The Community Disaster Preparedness Index measures the current level of disaster preparedness based on nine different variables:

  1. Disaster Preparedness Plan,
  2. Information,
  3. Communication,
  4. Security,
  5. Transportation,
  6. Sheltering,
  7. Volunteer Collaboration,
  8. Utilities, and
  9. Critical Infrastructure

Once each variable is measured, the values are entered into the Community Disaster Preparedness Index model and an overall score will be automatically generated representing each county’s or parish’s level of disaster preparedness.  Each variable is defined below followed by a link to the entire Community Disaster Preparedness Index.

  1. Disaster Preparedness Plan (DPP):  Having an up-to-date DPP for all natural and man-made hazards that is readily available and distributed to the public defines the level of preparedness based on this variable.

  2. Information (INFO): The more information and resources incorporated into the DPP and are used for studying disasters define the information variable.

  3. Communication (COM): Communication with neighboring communities, multiple communication methods and ways to communicate to the public all define the communication variable.

  4. Security (SEC): Levels of law enforcement involvement in the DPP, training, re-entry procedures, and critical document protection all define the security variable.

  5. Transportation (TRANS): Public transportation, evacuation routes, re-entry plans for citizens define the transportation variable.

  6. Sheltering (SHELT): Shelter capacity knowledge, MOA’s with neighboring communities, shelter staff and supplies availability defines the sheltering variable.

  7. Volunteer Collaboration (VOL): List and contact information of volunteer agencies and their knowledge of the DPP define the volunteer collaboration variable.

  8. Utilities (UTIL): Identification of all utilities and back-up plans for each defines the utility variable.

  9. Critical Infrastructure (INFRA): Identification of all critical facilities and infrastructure and back-up plans for each defines the critical infrastructure variable.

To view the complete Community Disaster Preparedness Index Survey, click here.