Project Summary

Title: Gulf of Mexico Coastal Geospatial Information Support System (CGISS)UNO

Partner: University of New Orleans, Department of Geography, Mahtab Lodhi, Ph.D.

Duration of Project: January 2009-December 2009

Project Description: Due to budget restraints and a lack of resources, rural communities sometimes lack the GIS capabilities necessary to provide them with a competitive edge in the development process. On behalf of the CURIS region, our partners at the University of New Orleans created a Coastal Geospatial Information Support System website. While the previous project UNO completed was primarily designed for the Louisiana, it is now being re-designed to include the entire CURIS region.  The website was enhanced to include a mapping application component, which allows planners, economic developers and decision makers to not only see their municipalities in different views, such as a satellite image, land cover and even a local street map, but to create custom maps to suit their individual timelines and specific development needs. By providing our rural communities in the CURIS region with additional resources, we are providing them with the tools necessary to play an active role in shaping the future of their communities. 

Objectives: The primary goal of this project involves re-designing and enhancing the scope, content, tools, and functionalities of the currently under-construction web-based project (Louisiana Remote Sensing and Sustainable Growth) to develop an integrated, online Coastal Geospatial Information Support System.

Reports and Publications: